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          Westergate Business Centre

          The Westergate Business Centre, designed to be highly energy efficient and sustainable.
          The business centre's Iskra AT5-1 5Kw

          The Westergate Business Centre, designed to be highly energy efficient and sustainable, comprises 1,940 sq.m. of light industrial space and 10 offices on the Fairway Industrial Estate in Moulsecoomb. The construction was led by Brighton & Hove City Council and completed in December 2005.

          This was the first project in Brighton to be granted planning permission for a wind turbine, an Iskra AT5-1 5Kw, and this generates electricity for ‘landlords’ lighting and power and external lighting.

          Other energy efficient measures for the scheme include natural ventilation, solar water heating, geo-thermal energy, ‘growing walls’ and locally sourced materials. The scheme was carbon balanced, received a BREEAM Excellent rating and won a South East Renewable Energy Award for “Buildings Integrated Renewables in a Commercial Development”.

          The centre was a joint project between the city's Regeneration Partnership, eb4U (New Deal for Communities), the South East England Development Agency and construction company Bluestone. The design team included Hazle McCormack Young as Architects, MacConvilles Quantity Surveyors, Blyth and Blyth mechanical & electrical engineers, Dixon Hurst structural engineers and C Level as carbon balancing consultants.