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          Training and courses covering urban wind issues


          Centre for Alternative Technology
          - Sustainable Energy Courses & Accredited Courses for Installers

          Construction Training Services
          - focused fundamental courses for the alternative energy sector, including 3-day and 8-day Domestic Wind Turbines Courses.

          - annual Wind Power Summer School that caters for professional engineers and non-specialists alike.

          Hugh Piggott
          - courses are to teach you how to build a wind generator. http://www.scoraigwind.com/buildyo/index.htm

          Open University
          - second level technology module T206 "Energy for a sustainable future".  It covers all energy types, but there is a useful coverage of wind energy.

          Proven Energy
          - an installer training course for new installers and wind turbine enthusiasts covering installation, maintenance and rudimentary operation of its turbines.

          A number of other companies also run courses specific to the installation of specific makes of turbine.

          Wind Energy Systems Centre, University of Strathclyde
          - will offer fifty PhD studentships over five years, from October 2009. These will help students become technical wind energy experts and also to study the broader social, political and economic contexts of wind power. www.strath.ac.uk/features/engineeringrenewableenergy

          The BWEA website lists other university courses on wind energy and renewables